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Monday, September 21, 2015

A resource for pet owners in New Jersey

There has been an increasing number of families who have come to Forever Remembered with the same story. Their young pets have passed after eating the same kind of dog food. For a pet owner, this is a tragic, unnecessary result of poor quality control on behalf of companies that produce pet foods. 

As pet owners, it is increasingly important to make sure you read labels and understand what the ingredients are in pet food. If the label says things like "animal digest" or "by-product" or even "made in China" please use caution when purchasing any type of food with these ingredients for your furry pet family members.

There are many pet food recipes on the internet as well as more reputable companies that make organic - grain free pet food. Google is your friend and can provide a wealth of information. Amazon is yet another great source for reading reviews on pet products and understanding the ingredients.

In New Jersey, pet owners may have yet another resource for when their pets become ill from food that has been tainted due to poor quality control. Please check out this link and watch for further information.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Memories of Loss

Loss can happen in many forms. It can be peaceful and expected, a relief from constant suffering, or it can be tragic and forever haunting. Whatever type of loss you may have experienced, the memories are often attached to the senses which in turn trigger thoughts of that particular moment in time. A certain smell, touch from a friend, hearing a particular song or even taste of a favorite food can be all that is needed to begin reliving the events surrounding the loss.

Dealing with loss is difficult. The circumstances that cause you to remember it cannot necessarily be controlled, however,  how you deal with the memory belongs to you. Your reaction to the memory is yours and yours alone.

Whatever misguided words of comfort some may give, remember that they generally mean well and are usually uncomfortable with how to act and respond to your sadness.

Take comfort for today is a new day, another day to remember, another day to feel, another day to live and another moment in time to make memories with those who are living.