Forever Remembered Pet Cremation and Memorial Services

Thursday, September 8, 2016

An unending cascade of emotions often follows a loss that can make a person feel as if one day just blurs into another. Sense of time is lost and the body is weary from the constant ache of trying to grip the reality of the absence. Day to day routines are now a struggle and it seems as though no matter how hard it may be for you, the busy chaotic lives of others just keep happening as usual. Is there no justice for the loss that you feel? Is there no way to scream at the world and tell it to please stop and understand the void that will be present for the rest of your life?

Understand that even though you may not receive validation from the world around you for the loss that is exhibiting itself as an unfortunate best friend, you can control your own personal grieving space. Let the world go on around you, in spite of the absence you feel while searching for peace as you manage your loss.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Being Okay With Death

What? How is it possible to be "okay" with death? How am I supposed to accept such a terrible consequence and cruelty of life? My love was stripped away from me so quickly and unexpectedly and you want me to be okay with it?

Acceptance of a loss is not admitting that you are okay with the events of the loss or with the obvious open void that has been left behind. In order for there to be some type of loss management, if there really is such an assuring concept, being able to admit an understanding that a beloved person or pet in your life is no longer able to receive your affection or attention, is necessary in order to step onto that proverbial stone of a new day. This new day is met with moment shattering awareness that you feel a deep, dark absence which cannot be quenched with material things, new relationships or even memories for that matter, for memories only cause more pain when you realize they will never be duplicated in real time, ever again. 

One day at a time, one step at a time, one moment at a time - however small the increments are for you, understand that it is okay to acknowledge you are feeling a loss for what can never be filled by another.