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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Please stop telling me how to grieve

The sorrow and sadness that accompanies a loss can be so overwhelming that seeing the light from the place of despair can feel like an impossible task. When tears follow every waking memory of a loved one or pet that has passed, regardless of whether a person is in public or private, judgement from a supposed friend or acquaintance can be damaging. "Why are you still crying? He was just a dog," or "She died last year, haven't you gotten over it yet?"  Insensitive comments such as these only serve to push the griever into a lower place of self worth and depression. 

Some survivors are able to emerge from the pit of despair in a few weeks, while others may take months or years. When complicated grief takes over and a person's physical well being is affected, a professional approach should be sought. Most people however,  just need time and space and sometimes a new focus.

Please stop telling me how to grieve and how to feel. Your silence is important.

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