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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Memory is Mine

When we have lost a loved one or a pet, sometimes certain things make us remember a particular memory that we shared. It may be the smell of apple pie that reminds us of Mom, or the smell of the ocean that reminds us of Grandpa who loved to go ocean fishing. Sometimes just the wind blowing on our face can bring a wave of remembrance of a departed one, which may also bring with it the feeling of loss and sadness.

Whatever the memory that is attached to the loss, the fact remains that it is yours. The memory belongs to you and you are the master controller of how it affects your overall well being. 

That which is owned by the self, cannot be so easily manipulated by others unless we allow the intervention to mentally change the foundational aspect of the memory. A smell, a touch, a taste, a sight or a sound heard is attached to that memory which controls how we emotionally respond when the memory is reproduced in our mind.

Whatever your memory of a deceased loved one may be, it is yours, to keep and to hold for as long as you wish.

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