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Friday, August 15, 2014

What's so important about a higher standard of care?

I have often been asked "What does it mean to have a higher standard of care?" It means that we treat every pet that we are given the honor for which to care, the dignity and respect of a completely private cremation. "Semi - private cremation" is not completely private cremation. "Group or communal cremation" is not private cremation. Private cremation means only one animal at a time being put into the cremation chamber, and the cremains of that animal being collected and gathered when the cremation is done. 

Having a higher standard of care in any line of business, may mean less income. However, what a customer will always know when they choose a business with a higher standard of care is a receipt of  the utmost attention and detail in the service they are given with no lingering doubts as to whether or not they should have gone elsewhere.

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