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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Box

Here at Forever Remembered,  I try to make each experience unique and individual for each family. There are many urns that can be chosen, however I decorate each box to try and suit the personality of the pet. 

We have a collection of simple pine boxes that were made here in the USA and can be painted with various themes. This particular box was painted with trees and leaves and then finished with a nice light brown stain. I wasn't too impressed with my artwork, for I am not a professional artist by any means, but I do put my heart into each piece.

It was late in the afternoon when Roxy died. I brought him back to the crematory with the family following me, similar to a mini funeral procession. He was 18 years old, the oldest dog that I have received so far. He was a permanent fixture in this family and his death was very upsetting for everyone.

The family came in and as soon as the mother saw the box with the trees, she knew that was the one for Roxy. "The trees and leaves on this box remind me of the pretty leaves that I used to bring my father when I was a little girl," she said. 

I cremated Roxy that evening and delivered the cremains in the decorated pine box the same night. It was nice to be able to bring some comfort to this grieving family for they knew that not only was he cremated privately and with dignity, but the box had a personal touch that would be a constant reminder of his passing.

Sometimes old memories bring comfort for new sadness. 

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