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Friday, July 18, 2014

They know

When a dog dies, not only are the owners filled with grief, but the other pets in the home also feel the loss. Once when I went to pick up a Golden Retriever, her buddy, who was also a Golden Retriever, acted as though he knew why I was there. When I stooped down to pet the beautiful old gal, he started crying and voicing his sadness as if he were trying to tell me, "Why? Why doesn't she get up? Why doesn't she play with our favorite chew toy? Why isn't she breathing?" I couldn't help but choke back a tear as I went to gently scoop her up and place her in the willow casket. He just watched. His eyes were  obviously heavy with sadness as his dear old friend of 12 years was being carried out the door.

When I placed her in the black van and closed the door, he sat near the van as if he was standing guard. I looked at him and promised that I would take good care of her and that I was sorry that he had lost his dear friend. He just looked at me and whined.

Not only do pet owners grieve, but animals grieve too. I am sure of it.

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